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OMG, you're alive!

neoguardian just hauled me over here, and I can't tell you how excited I am to find you guys! (waves like a dork!) =D

I was most active back in the days of Prodigy, when the group was under FF2*. This was back in 6th grade. I'm now 25...And FF2(US) is still my favorite video game of all time!

I've always gone by the nick Firebringer, in case anyone remembers me (or my little brother, Light Ray).

I know JP is around - has anyone seen Aurasword, e, The Leader of the Chocobos, or Barry Bean?
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Holy crap!!

Aura is here, so are Celest and Sniper. e's around technically, but I dunno. This is MB. Wow. =)
Old computer geeks never die! We just find new places to hide out! =D
Hey, this is Tom-Servo, better known as the friend of D and the crazy ass who posted the Final Fantasy 2 rom to eblana-l! I got to thinking tonight... what ever happened to Firebringer? One good search term on google later and I found her. Erm.. so like hi! ^.^
I'm glad Tom-Servo still gets the same reception whenever he talks.
Yay, I'm Google-able! ;)
I remember youd! =D
Welcome. We've come a long way since Underground IDs...
Heh, I remember that! I was on Barry Bean's, and it was quite active for a while...=D
Wow, someone actually remembers me for once. =)

Good to see you [two?] again.
BTW, hope you don't mind me friending you...
Not at all! I'll add you back! =)
It's just me ATM - my little brother isn't on LJ, but I'm going to have to give him a call and tell him about all of you!
Wow... more Prodigy old-timers. =p This is Darkoth, if you remember the name at all. =p
I do remember! =D
Hey!! I'm Aura! Cool! Wow! e's got an LJ but I think it's defunct, and I think he hangs out on the IRC channel. Not sure about the other two. Hi! What's up?
Aura!! (glom!)
I had a feeling you'd be around somewhere! How goes life? What're you up to these days??
Of course I'm around! LJ is where the internet's at right now!

Well, let's see, last time we talked was probably ten years ago, give or take, so some stuff has happened in the interim. I live in Chicago right now and work for a small publishing company in the suburbs. I graduated from college last summer with a degree in creative writing, and now I'm trying to figure out whether I want to do grad school. I have a roommate and she has a pet snake. Uhh, I try to do some writing in my spare time but I'm suffering from angsty new adult syndrome. I guess that's a good summary.

What about you? I see you've cultivated your love of unicorns and art.
What, you mean your life isn't exactly the same as it was 10+ years ago?! ;)

That's awesome! Congrats on your degree, and good luck with figuring out grad school! And angst can beget some great writing - let it flow!

Pet snakes are the best - believe it or not, I've got a giant one myself! Corns average 3-4', with the biggest records I can find being 6', and mine hit 6'2" last November. He's even bigger now.

What sort of a snake does your roomie have?

Lessee, the last 10 years...Well, I got involved with a guy I met online and moved to VA to be with him, which is where I got the snake. We got engaged, I moved back to WA, and we broke up. I went to college until the money ran out, so I'm stuck 1 year away from my bachelor's in history. To save up to finish college I went into administrative work, moved to the Redmond area for work (I was at Microsoft for some time, and now I'm a temp at Coinstar), met a new man (kieferskunk) through some friends, and now I'm engaged to him and we're living in a great rental house in Sammamish! We've got the snake and two cats between us, and we're working on planning a wedding next March.

I've been working hard on drawing, so I don't suck nearly as much as I used to! I'm still using my Firebringer the unicorn character as my online alter-ego, and I've got my art studio at home plastered with pictures drawn by all sorts of friends. Obsessive? Me? Never!

What are YOUR latest obsessions? =D


11 years ago


11 years ago

Hey, you probably don't remember me. I don't think I knew you on Prodigy, but I was Celest on there and on eblana-l. =)
Celest!! Of course I remember you - we gamer-geek-girls gotta stick together! =)
Hey, I remember you. Welcome.

I posted as FuSoYa.
FuSoYa?! I totally remember you, too! Wow!! (hugs you!)
How's life? =D
hey, well I added you to my friends list so if you read my journal it should sum things up pretty well.

Amazing how time goes on, people change, yet more and more of the old FF2* crew manage to reunite!


11 years ago

I might as well join the roster of hellos. :) How’s it going?